Surveillance, we hear, shapes our society and our individual actions on a daily basis. It has a chilling effect on press freedom and freedom of expression. Surveillance spreads fear among some while giving others a false sense of security. Susana Minguet, immunologists from the University of Freiburg, and their team of researchers were able to demonstrate this in a study that has been recently published in the journal Immunity. Researchers previously believed that an antigen like a pathogen must bind to a T cell receptor in order to activate it, thereby triggering an immune response. “We demonstrated that it’s not the binding to an antigen that causes the switch in the conformation; it happens spontaneously,” said Schamel..

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Lloyd Bucher is the new vice president and general manager for WPTV. The NBC affiliate has been the West Palm Beach market leader since the day it signed on and is one of the highest rated stations in Florida. Bucher has served as station manager of WPTV since 2012.

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