Kulekhani Disaster Project (60 MW)

Kulekhani Disaster Project 60 MW

In early 1980 plans wore made to build Kulekhani power stations No. 1&2 with assistance from the Japanese goverment. Both power station were important components of Nepal ‘s power system. Torrential rain in 1984 & 1986 triggered slope failures, Collapses and land slides around the project area. The penstock line, head pond and power station generator were seriously damaged and power generation had to be halted. The rainfall, floods and landslides not only affected the project facilities, they threatened the future safe operation of the Kulekhani power stations. Urgent remedial measures were taken to cope with the damage.
( source: www.jica.go.jp)

Achievement for TLI :
Supply & Installation of PenstockĀ for Kulekhani Disaster Project (60 MW) by Voest MCE (presently Andritz Hydro GmbH, Austria).