Trade link Inc. Pvt. Ltd.


Project Assistance

Nepal as a developing nation has a huge scope for prospective development projects in various sectors. TLI takes this opportunity to represent international companies and to make it easier from them to enter the Nepali market and take part in National Pride projects. We understand that it might be difficult for foreign firms to participate and manage all of its personnel from abroad, and this is where TLI can step in with project assistance.

Under project assistance, TLI takes on the responsibility of coordinating and looking after your local support in Nepal throughout the entire scope of work. These services include office and human resource management, transportation, accommodation, technical requirements, site facilities as well as communication with other local stakeholders. We also assist our liaisons in getting competitive quotes from leading local companies who are keen on collaborating with TLI.

TLI has concluded several projects with positive and profitable results in the past and is therefore, well versed with the requirements of project assistance. We look forward to working with different competent partners in their respective sectors and to be a part of Nepal’s development.